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Energize: Editorial policy

Energize publishes technical and semi-technical articles by leading experts, of a relevant and topical nature, in an easy-to-read format, in the fields of generation, transmission and distribution, renewable energy and applications.

Energize also publishes news, views, comment, opinion and analysis of relevance to these sectors, including relevant public sector, industry, institute, university, company, project, product, people, event and technology news.

Energize aims to publish a sound mix of technical and semi-technical articles, industry and institute news, views, comment, opinion and analysis, as well as company and product news of a more overtly commercial nature.

Participation by relevant and interested government departments and agencies, regulatory and standards bodies, state-owned enterprises, institutes, industry associations, universities, consultants, readers, industry leaders and experts, in the form of technical articles and other editorial submissions, shall be proactively encouraged. Where a submission is controversial, Energize shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that relevant diverse views are solicited and fairly presented, and that right of reply is provided. Publication of articles, views, comment, opinion and analysis shall not depend on any particular point of view or world-view of the editor.

Discretion is vested in the editor to shorten an article for space and other reasons, and, if appropriate, this is normally done in conjunction with the author.

In addition, the discretion is vested in the editor in deciding whether or not to publish an article, editorial submission or letter. Such a decision shall not be based on any particular point of view or world-view of the editor. However a decision not to publish an editorial submission may be because the editor considers it to be inappropriate to the target audience, dishonest, deliberately and maliciously misleading, having an improper hidden agenda, or because the editor considers that Energize is being used for improper purposes. Energize will also not publish ad-hominem attacks targeting individuals.

The expression of honestly held, albeit controversial views, on a relevant subject, in the Views, Comment and Opinion section of Energize is not considered improper. The editor shall, in such cases, make reasonable efforts to submit the article/letter to affected/interested persons/organisations for comment and response for publication, where possible in the same issue of Energize, or failing this for time, space or other reasons, then certainly in a subsequent issue.

The editor of Energize maintains editorial independence in day-to-day editorial decisions. The editor also maintains editorial independence for any of the views, comment and opinions of others published in Energize.

Energize subscribes to the South African Press Code.


Energize welcomes reader feedback of all kinds, whether they are suggestions, compliments or complaints. Energize regards reader feedback as very important in its efforts to improve and strive to be the leading publication in its sector in Southern Africa. All suggestions and complaints are considered most seriously.

If any person or organisation is unhappy with the editorial policy of Energize, or with the adherence by Energize to the stated editorial policy, then the following formal channels are open for redress:

In the first instance the matter can be raised with the editor to see if the problem can be addressed adequately at this level.

A written letter of complaint can also be submitted to the editor, which if required, we would undertake to publish in the next issue of Energize.

The matter may also be taken up with the managing editor or managing director of EE Publishers.

If the matter cannot be resolved with EE Publishers, it may be referred to the Press Ombudsman.

Finally, the complainant retains and may exercise all legal and constitutional rights in terms of the law of South Africa.

We acknowledge that mistakes, errors of judgement, etc., can and do occur. However, if EE Publishers has been shown to have erred, then EE Publishers will make every effort to correct the error in a fair way.